The Perfect Little Summer Dress (and it’s super easy)

Recently, one of my adorable nieces celebrated her 4th birthday.  She truly believes she is a princess and insists on wearing dresses every day.  So, what is a better gift than a new dress.  I didn’t really follow a pattern, but by using tips and tricks that I learned using Angela Yosten’s Rags to Ruffles pattern.

My girls thought is would be fun to make her a matching dress for her doll as well. 

I found a tutorial for this pillowcase-style dress on the “Creating Kidstuff” blog.  Click here for the tutorial.

Happy Sewing!  ~Jill


Table Runner Tutorial

Our “Say It With Words” panels are great for quilts – but here is another fabulous way to sew up some inspiration.  This table runner can be used on special occasions or even everyday.


*Use a 1/4″ seam allowance, unless otherwise noted

  1.  Layout your Jelly Roll Strips and design your pattern.  Here is how I do my designing, with grid paper and colored pencils. 
  2. Iron panel to remove all creases. 
  3. Cut out the 6 large squares from the Say It With Words Panel, using the tick marks on the panel.  Each square should measure 6-1/2″ squares.
  4. Cut (2) 6-1/2″ strips from your desired fabric for each block.
  5. Sew the Jelly Roll strips to the top and bottom of word block.  Repeat for all 6 blocks.
  6. Press all seams away from word block. 
  7. Measure your blocks to determine the overall size for the sides – mine measured 10-3/4″. 
  8. Cut the Jelly Roll strips to that measurement and sew to the sides of each block, creating a frame around the words.  Repeat for all 6 blocks. 
  9. Cut the coordinating vertical Jelly Roll strips and sew.

  10. Measure the top & bottom of the completed block and cut to fit.  Repeat for all strips.  Sew to the bottom of the first block.  Join the remaining blocks in the same way.
  11. Measure the overall size of the runner and cut fusible fleece to fit.  Iron on.
  12. Cut backing fabric to desired size.  Layout and attach top with basting spray (If you have never heard or used basting spray, I highly suggest you try it.  You will NEVER pin a quilt or project together again)
  13. Quilt as desired.
  14. Trim and attach binding as desired – I used the leftover scraps of the jelly roll strips to make the binding.  I found this tutorial on Pinterest and it helped me. (Just note, I only machine stitch the first side of the binding – I always hand stitch the backside complete)
  15. Hand-stitch the binding and you are done!!!

If you liked this project, stay tuned for the tutorial using the small word squares to create matching coasters.

I’m new to writing tutorials, so any constructive criticism or complements are greatly appreciated.


Tutorial Thursday – Table Grace Coasters

A few weeks ago, I posted a tutorial for the Table Grace Table Runner.  Here is the follow-up that I promised.


I used the 6 small remaining squares from the Table Grace “Say it With Words” panel.  Each square measures approximately 3.5″.  You will just cut (2) pieces from your jelly roll (or scraps) 3.5″ long.  Sew the strips to the top and bottom of the square.  Press seams.  Measure overall height of block.  Mine measured approximately 5.75″.  Cut (2) 5.75″ strips from your jelly roll (or scraps) 5.75″ long.  Sew the strips to the sides of the block.  Press seams.  I then took the finished block and trim it to 5.5″ square.

Now, cut (6) square of fusible fleece and (6) squares of backing fabric to match the size of your complete blocks.  Iron the fusible fleece to the completed block.  Then take the front and back of the blocks and put them together, right sides facing each other.  Stitch all the way around, except for about 1.5″ section.  Trim your corners for easier turning.  Now, turn the entire piece right side out through the small section you left open.  I like to us my Pointer Turner by Lee for precise corners.  Press smooth.  Top stitch all the way around, making sure that the stitch closes the space you left open.  And, you are done!  Just repeat for the remaining squares.

Hope you enjoy!!!

Happy Sewing,

The Flat Family is Coming!!

Angela Yosten, my favorite designer, is releasing her first (of many to come, I’m sure) fabric line… Flats by Moda
“Once upon a time in a land far away there lived a family that went by the name of Flats. Everything in their world was FLAT. They had Flat cat, a Flat dog, and even a Flat house. This one dimensional land of Flats is just what they dreamed it would be. The colors in the land of Flats are very pretty and bold… Rouge, Sky Blue, Grass, and Butterscotch to name a few. From flowers to polka dots and plaids, you’re sure to find something for everyone. Come and play with the Flats in their land far away.”
As someone who has been watching Angela’s blog and waiting for this fabric release, I can’t wait to get my hands on all this beautiful fabric. 
My mind is already spinning with all the wonderful projects I will be making with this adorable fabric – including this adorable, take-with-you dollhouse.

All prints are available for pre-sale on our website right now.  Pre-order yours and be the first to get your hands on this adorable collection.!

Stop. Go. Quilt. Sew!

This past weekend was our daughters BOOK SIGNING in Gunter, Texas.  Marty and husband as well as several other ladies served up a great treat for everyone at “Stomping Grounds Coffee and Boutique”.  It was awesome.  Cookies that matched Angela’s new book were created by Marty and staff… outstanding sandwiches, desserts and coffees as well as lemonades, teas and more.  
They even serve great snow cones!!!  I have never been a true snow cone customer, 
but I have to say, with the heat… I tried one and these are the best I have ever had.  
They are shaved ice and sweet…. Perfect for that hot day! 
Pictured here:  Angela Yosten and Marty (Stomping Grounds owner)
 Now on with the Book Signing!  Angela Yosten has always been a hard worker.  When she sets her mind to a task, she makes sure that she is an over achiever.  Nothing so so with her.  She is quite a beauty.  She has written many patterns, seven so far are in print and available at our store as well as many others.  This is just the tip of the iceberg of what she does.  She works full time designing Moda’s website and oversees the Moda Bake Shop.  Let’s see, she has 3 beautiful children, which I am not exaggerating when I say they are the best… because I am their proud Granny.  Angela was born into a workaholic family, so there is no time for hum drum in our life.  
Angela has carried on the torch, as has our other daughter.  Gotta love them! 
Here is the link to see all her patterns
Angela also participated in 2 other books before writing her own.  Fresh Fabric Treats by the Moda Bake Shop Chefs and  Modern Blocks by Stash Books.  And now her very own…
Angela’s book signing was Saturday Aug. 4th… In case you missed it… here are a few highlights of that wonderful afternoon.

 This was just a quick corner of the guests.  We kept these guys creative while our guest of honor was in the book signing area.  Several people stopped by to purchase Angela’s new book STOP. GO. QUILT. SEW! and all the guests signed quilt squares to commemorate the occasion.  I’m sure Angela will come up with a very unique way to stitch those into a great memory project.  We all want to wish Angela the best… on her road to fame and her creativity will be scattered everywhere, I am sure.  We are so blessed to have such wonderful children.  To be able to see a bit of the world thru their eyes and lives.  God is so good to us.  We only have to ask!

By the way, the beautiful jewelry that Angela is wearing was designed and created by her 7 year old daughter, Paige.  I think we are going to see more of Paige’s creations in the work before we know it.  Oh, and the next picture I want to share with you is Angela and her very proud mother.  ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Congrats, Angela…  You GROW girl!
Party is over… Time to get to work… Thank you to all the followers and guests that came to Angela’s book signing.  This is only the beginning of more to come!  Please check out Angela’s website at to follow her Online Book Tour this week.  Tell her… her mom sent you!  🙂
The end of the day!  Well done! 

Moda Bake Shop Progressive Dinner

Have you ever visited the Moda Bake Shop?  Well, now’s the perfect time.  They, along with many of their chefs, have put together a wonderful Progressive Dinner to launch their new book.

And don’t forget to check out one of our favorite pattern designers, Angela Yosten, who is hosting her own dinner date today.
Also, don’t forget to check back with us in the upcoming weeks for a fun, new giveaway 🙂