It’s Time for Another "Affair"

Once again, the ladies of Home a la mode loaded up the trailer (a day early this time;)) and headed up north to the Tulsa Expo Center.  Being that this is one of the hottest shows we do, we were praying for cooler weather.  But as you all know, cooler weather in the south during the summer only comes with a rain storm.  So, we got a little wet unloading, but at least we didn’t sweat as bad (see, there is an upside to everything).

If you are in the Tulsa area, or are just looking for an excuse for an impromptu road trip, head on out to the Affair of the Heart show.  Tell us that you read about it on this blog post for a special prize 🙂


An "Affair" Texas-Style

Many of you have met us along our journey with the Affair of the Heart shows in Tulsa and Oklahoma City.  Well, the amazing people of Affair of the Heart decided to take that wonderful tradition south of the border (well, the Texas/Oklahoma border that is).  

We have arrived, set up, and the doors are open!  Come out to the Freeman Coliseum in San Antonio this weekend and visit us – we are in Booth #266-269.

Karen will be doing her demo of the AWESOME Quilter’s Grid, we have more fabric than ever, and all 50 states in our Hand Embroidered State Towel collection. 

Come see us in Oklahoma City this weekend!

Well the ladies have landed in Oklahoma City for the Affair of the Heart.  They have been working really hard getting ready for the show.  We wanted to show you the progression of how the booth comes together…

Unloading the trailer

Everything is out of the trailer

Every now and then you have to take a break and be silly

Here is the booth set up and ready

We would love for you to head to the booth and say HI!
We are located in the Travel and Transportation Building Booth #157
Mentioned that you saw this blog and we will give you an additional 10% off your purchase.  Have a great day, Everyone!