Making a list and checking it twice!

Long time away from blogging… Sue, my friend and assistant at Home a la mode has been on me to “Make a list” of everything I need to get done in the order needed.  I used to make great lists, but found myself getting overwhelmed with all I wasn’t crossing off the list.  Things happen, life jumps in the way of “the list” and it grows as new things maneuver in there place.  My husband is great at list making… He’s been famous for his “New item DO LIST”, but I am the spontaneous one… if someone comes into the store, list goes to the side… new plans are made, new classes are formed… Boxes come in… ooh, new fabrics, gotta have new samples… up to the sewing room we go… List?  What list?My brain list goes on overdrive and my paper list gets lost in the shuffle… so… I am trying very hard to start again writing things back on a list.  Starting this week.  So, if I need to add something to it… see Sue.  She is keeping me hopping.   Everyone needs a Sue… I am Blessed to have her.  She is my back up and my reminder, my brain in a jar, my web girl,  my guard dog, my helper… but most of all… she is my friend!  She looks out for my best interest and me as a person.  She cares for our customers and their needs… She is amazing!  Just don’t tell her I said so… 😊

So after over 1 1/2 years on Main Street in Downtown Denison Texas we are growing strong.  We want to make Home a la mode your “Place to be”…

Come see us for your next overnight RETREAT, we sleep up to 11!!! Try some  Quilt classes by Karen, Longarm Quilting by Mistey, Tea for 2 serving breakfast and lunch 9-3 Tuesday through Saturday by MJ and Company.

WE are bursting with excitement and bursting at the seams!  Pass us on to your family and friends…

LIKE US on Facebook!!! Send in your comments!  We’d love to hear from YOU!

I’ll put “YOU” on my list!

Make it a Great Day!  Karen 💟


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