Today is the first of many to come.

I have been inspired by a customer, friend and now co-worker… This lady has been truly a push, shove and motivator of Home a la mode, lately… She has talked me into getting on the stick and updating many things.  It’s like playing Solitar… you are just trying to get to the finish… But the person standing over your shoulder is looking for what you are missing… So… Sue has been looking over my shoulder and pushing me to click on things that I have neglected for a while… like the BLOG for ONE…  So here goes…


We have over 50 different “Say it With WORDS” panels and are making classes and quilting projects using these words to make “A Card In A Quilt”.  Our classes for these quilts usually are on Monday’s when our shop is closed, kinda… 🙂  our shop is open Tuesday – Saturday 10-5… but classes and free sewing time is Monday – Saturday 9-6… We have a 6 hr. class that is from 9-4 that is scheduled on Mondays… So, call us and set up your class… It’s $50 and includes a lunch!  The supplies are extra… depending on your size you wish to complete. We have several ladies that can let you know the value of our classes and all the neat things you learn and take home with you.  Come join us!  We are looking for a year full of new techniques and new friends!


We teach you from beginning to end… How to choose your fabrics, how to cut with the Rotary cutter and supplies, how to build your quilt, layer it with batting, quilt it yourself, and how to bind and finish your project!  No PIGS in our classes… Oh, sorry, that means… Projects in Grocery Sacks…  So, we will take you through completion before, during and after your class… We want you to succeed in a completed project!


After all… these girls have grown up helping Granny out with the Home a la mode business.  We do shows every month, 2-3 times per month… So if we don’t catch you at one of the shows we do… we hope to see you shopping in the store… at a RETREAT… ONLINE.. or wherever our paths cross.  See you soon!  Karen, Brenda, Mistey, Patsy, Betsy, Sue, Marian, Judy, and others… Make it a GREAT day! 




7 thoughts on “Today is the first of many to come.

  1. I will always push you towards something…………… We love challenges in life and I trully believe you have something GREAT with Home ala Mode!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want you to succeed, not for me not for co-workers, but I want you to succeed for YOU………… You are a great lady, friend, boss lady and I love ya…………
    NOW………………………… Let’s get the party started…………………………… Let’s have lots of retreats and classes this year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. Great post!. Please keep updating us with your posts for classes, events, etc. I, for one, do NOT use Facebook or any other social media. I depend on getting my information from the business’ websites.

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  3. these are great photo depictions of an awesome place. I have had a confidence builder upstairs there. I ACTUALLY QUILTED! I made a quilt! never thought I could! however, with your teaching ability and your fusible grid for a pattern it was easy! with your big selection of fabrics it was pretty! so easy and so pretty that I have made 3 more.
    Thank you Karen for opening up another door in my world.

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