Frivols #2 is HERE!

Polka Dots & Paisleys are here!  Frivols #2 by Moda is in stock and ready for immediate shipment.CT-Frivol-2-Faithful-Close-UpFaithful.  From the beginning, we wanted this quilt to feature the signature cream, red and blue color palette of Polly Minick & Laurie Simpson. We also wanted it to reflect Laurie’s style of quilt – a lot of pieces and very scrappy.

The name of the quilt comes from Polly and Laurie’s family – if you didn’t know, they’re sisters.  Polly’s oldest son, Jim Minick, served in the Marine Corps and retired as a Colonel.  Semper Fi – semper fidelis – always faithful.  It just seemed right.  (Jim now the Director of Football Operations for the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor.  Go Blue!)

The squares included in the kit are enough to make the Faithful quilt top – no additional fabric is required except for the binding and backing.  Faithful measures 26″ x 26″.

Several fabrics are duplicated in the Frivol roll, as many as three squares of a few of the background fabrics are included.  That allowed us to keep the limited color palette while still allowing the quilt to be made with just the 7″ x 7″ squares.CT-Frivol-2-Contents

This is ONE of 12 Frivols

#1 and #2 are now available… Get yours now… VERY Limited quantities.  $44.99 per kit – buy 1 or buy all 12 collectors sets.




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