Our Beatitudes Panel and a Great Friend

We recently got a chance to visit with one of our amazing customers at a quilt show.  She mentioned that she had bought one of our panels to make a quilt for a friend.  Here is the story:

When I saw it, I immediately thought of my friend Deb.  We’ve know each other since 9th grade – I say that’s since God invented dirt, but Deb claims it’s since the beginning of all time.  We are both blessed with brothers, so we also recognize one another as the sisters we should have had.  Yes, it’s that kind of friendship/kinship/sisterhood.  

A few years ago, Deb went with me to the Dallas Quilt Show, which is when I bought fat quarters that weren’t in my normal favorites range for colors or prints.  Don’t know why I bought them, but I figured there was reason, so I put them aside until the reason presented itself… scrap-logic all quilters understand.  And, lo and behold, the reason presented itself when I saw the Beatitudes panel last summer at the Plano Quilt Show.  

The fat quarters, the Beatitudes, the randomness/precision design… it all came together in a single weekend to make a Blessing cover for Deb.   And the name of the Quilt?  “Friendship is a Blessing”.  

Here’s hoping my story brightens your day, Sarah.

Take a look at this beautiful quilt – and may it inspire you to make something lovely for a friend or loved one this weekend.
Happy Sewing ~Jill

One thought on “Our Beatitudes Panel and a Great Friend

  1. Love it! I would love to get my hands on the Beatitudes panels for a quilt. Thank you so much for sharing! I'm anxiously awaiting our goods to arrive here in Japan. Yes, we sadly left Texas for Japan. 😦 I'm ready to get back into sewing and cooking from scratch! Hugs sent your way.


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