Warehouse Sale #1…done!

Well, this past weekend was our first Warehouse Sale – and it was GREAT!!!  We got a chance to meet some of our wonderful online customers, local neighbors, and people who just stopped by out of pure curiosity.

We had all our wonderful products out for everyone to see, touch, and of course, buy 🙂  It’s always my favorite time to shop!


And while the sale was going on, the UPS man stopped by with our shipment of Flats by Angela Yosten.  Opening those boxes made it feel like Christmas in the warehouse – we have been waiting on pins and needles (get the pun, LOL) for this amazing fabric line to be released. 

As an insider with the designer, I have been able to check out these prints and have been dying to get my hands on them.  Being able to look, touch, and NOT have is pure torture! My mind is swimming with ideas (and tutorials to come) using this fabulous fabric.

FYI – our next Warehouse Sale is going to be June 14th – 15th.

Stay tuned for tutorials for quilts, craft projects and even some No-Sew ideas!


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