Time Flies!

Look at the calendar… LOOK!  It is time to start thinking of Thanksgiving and then Christmas right behind it. Oh My Gosh!  We have been so busy with work, life, family, school… we haven’t done a whole lot with friends lately… Too busy!  Too much stuff scheduled… Does this sound like your household?  Everyone we have talked to lately has said the same thing.  Busy, busy, busy!!!  Let’s all just slow down a bit… get a little more sleep… play a little more… love a little more… and breathe a bit more RELAXED…
Maybe we should do more of this… back to basics of teaching the young to sew… see a movie… play checkers… sit outside and listen to the birds and the sounds outside.  It’s time for camp fires and fireplaces warming the house… Roasting marshmallows, chili cooking, brownies baking… you know… like we used to do… Just food for thought!  Christmas is coming!  Put down the phones and enjoy the people around us!  So let’s all think of things to do to inspire our family, our friends, our children and grandchildren… Let’s get all those ideas on paper and do them.  Make a bucket list with your spouse and do the things you have been putting off.  We did that a few weeks ago and went to the Albuquerque, NM Hot Air Balloon Fiesta…  It was awesome.  I will share pictures with you later.  We took a lot of great pictures!  But seriously… I just want anyone reading this to really read this and do the right thing!  ENJOY LIFE NOW!  
Have a wonderful week!

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