Wow!  This week has flown by…I don’t know about you, but it has been a crazy one.  I want to congratulate all of our winners.  I also want to send a big thank you out to everyone who participated.  We have gotten a lot of response and we are taking each and every comment to heart.  Look forward to many more giveaways, tutorials, recipes…and just plain silliness here on the blog.  Now it is time to announce our winner from yesterday…

Yay, Diann!  Contact Karen at ksmisek@homealamode.com with your shipping info and she will get your package sent out to you.

Home a la mode just turned 5 this month!  We are all so excited!  We have a lot in store (no pun intended) for everyone.  We got a new makeover, doesn’t every girl deserve that after years of hard work? Check out our new look and what we have done on our website… We just finished a week of 5 giveaways for 5 fabulous years of online business!  Also, we also introduced a special anniversary bag custom made by Kristin!  That’s me… So cute!  We will be offering a limited edition of this bag online. 

Our ladies have been hard at work finding you some great to new items that you just can’t live without…

                  Clothes Pin Bag                       Vintage Clothes Line Dryer             Old Wire Laundry Baskets

We are also adding a lot of great new textiles.  Have you seen the vintage STATE tablecloths we are carrying?  We are also adding to our great Kitchen Towel line.  Also, our Birthday Party line…

         Happy Birthday Tablecloth                        Scottie Dog Towel                      Minnesota Tablecloth

We have quite a bit going on now. The ladies just did a show at Affair of the Heart in Tulsa, OK.  We have gobs more of new items arriving everyday.  Make sure you check the STORE often and see what we have coming for you.



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