Grandma B Helps Out

Just wanted to show you a “Person of Interest”!  This is Jean… She is 83 years old and she is usually the wrapper of our products.  Although, Brenda and Karen also do some of the wrapping.  Jean is usually the one that offers to wrap any out going shipments, while we are busy with everything else.  Jean came to us about a year and a half ago.  She is Karen’s mother.  She used to go to shows with us, but it was a bit hard on her with all the walking and hurrying that goes on.  We are on the go from the time we get into our travels til the time we return.  Busy, busy, busy…

But… just in case you were wondering who does that?  There are a few of us… but for several months, most of the time… It is Jean.  A bride from England back in the 50’s… We just wanted to thank her… She was a war bride and it just seemed fitting coming up on Flag day to pay a little tribute to our wrapper…. JEAN.   Thank you!  I think Karen owe’s you a lunch…

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