New Beginnings

I am not much into blogging however, I do feel the need to express myself now and then.  As Home a la mode approaches its 3rd full year at 611 W Main Street in Downtown Denison Texas,  I can’t help but think back 2 years ago ( April 2016).

I was just a customer, and I spoke with Karen a few times nothing to personal just casual. When Karen would go to a show on the weekends, I would show up early on Tuesday morning just to see what all was new and exciting.  Being a brand new quilter it was like Christmas seeing all the new fabrics and pre-cuts.

I thought I had my life all planned just the way I wanted it. I did not have to work (still don’t).  I could basically do what I wanted when I wanted.   I relieved myself of a committment that I really could not handle anymore, and a weight had been lifted off of me.

After about 6 months of being a customer, I felt that I was needed in the store.  Not sure what came over me but I am very glad something did.  I approached Karen and we talked about me filling in empty spots at the store to help her out.  Now mind you I have never done any type of retail work before nor was I an avid quilter. And if I could have read Karens mind back then, she was probably thinking this is never going to work.

For those of you that know me, know exactly what I am talking about. (HAHAHAHAHAHA)  To know me is to love me I always say.  But I shall continue with my little story.  I started in April filling in while Karen was at shows on the weekend. I was having a great time talking with all the customers, getting to know everyone.  Listening to stories of how the customers first came to meet Karen and the shows they went to.

Karen had to go have knee surgery in November of 2016, that pretty much put me at the shop full time. By this time I had learned so much about quilting and totally enjoyed putting fabrics and colors together to see what works for customers.

Since I started that April back in 2016, so many new things have happened.  I have learned about embroidery, quilting, long-arms, teaching a class.  And even learning more about myself.  Karen tells me that I stepped into her life just at the right time.  Now people may say how do you know what the right time is.   I think for Karen the right time was shortly after her mother passed away, shortly after she opened her storefront, and shortly before she had to have her surgery.  Just seems like things fell into place with enough time in between to be able to know how to help where I was needed most.  I am always being told that I help others too much, well maybe I do, but I just can not help myself. I think that is what I do best.

Karen and I seemed to get along rather well, she is like an older sister to me. She seems to know when I need her the most.  I can’t imagine not knowing her.  Her business is awesome she has so many things to teach and share (she thinks I do not listen).  But I really do I just can’t let her know that, I mean after all what type of a little sister would I be if she knew I was learning from her. (hahahahaha)

I guess the morale to my little story is very plain and simple.  Be kind to others, live, laugh and love often.  You will never know who you meet along the way in life that will change you forever.  Karen and her customers are the best group of people I ever met. I love everyone of them. And as far as Karen goes, I love my sister! (Even though she calls me a brat)



Making a list and checking it twice!

Long time away from blogging… Sue, my friend and assistant at Home a la mode has been on me to “Make a list” of everything I need to get done in the order needed.  I used to make great lists, but found myself getting overwhelmed with all I wasn’t crossing off the list.  Things happen, life jumps in the way of “the list” and it grows as new things maneuver in there place.  My husband is great at list making… He’s been famous for his “New item DO LIST”, but I am the spontaneous one… if someone comes into the store, list goes to the side… new plans are made, new classes are formed… Boxes come in… ooh, new fabrics, gotta have new samples… up to the sewing room we go… List?  What list?My brain list goes on overdrive and my paper list gets lost in the shuffle… so… I am trying very hard to start again writing things back on a list.  Starting this week.  So, if I need to add something to it… see Sue.  She is keeping me hopping.   Everyone needs a Sue… I am Blessed to have her.  She is my back up and my reminder, my brain in a jar, my web girl,  my guard dog, my helper… but most of all… she is my friend!  She looks out for my best interest and me as a person.  She cares for our customers and their needs… She is amazing!  Just don’t tell her I said so… 😊

So after over 1 1/2 years on Main Street in Downtown Denison Texas we are growing strong.  We want to make Home a la mode your “Place to be”…

Come see us for your next overnight RETREAT, we sleep up to 11!!! Try some  Quilt classes by Karen, Longarm Quilting by Mistey, Tea for 2 serving breakfast and lunch 9-3 Tuesday through Saturday by MJ and Company.

WE are bursting with excitement and bursting at the seams!  Pass us on to your family and friends…

LIKE US on Facebook!!! Send in your comments!  We’d love to hear from YOU!

I’ll put “YOU” on my list!

Make it a Great Day!  Karen 💟

Between the SHEETS??? Batting!!!! Yes!!!

WE have our OWN Batting now!!!!  Check out  Go to NOTIONS… Look for the “Between the Sheets Batting” LOGO and check out our latest and greatest  batting… 80/20 batting…  Advertising going out this week!!! LOOK WHAT’S NEW!!!  Stay tune for more on Between the Sheets!


Home a la mode opened its doors on October 2, 2015…. We have gone through many changes in the last year and a half. I would just like to take the time to thank all our wonderful customers for making our store AWESOME!!!!!! We have always had an online store….. but having a storefront for our customers to come in and actually feel and touch all the great Moda fabrics has been a blast.. We will continue to serve our customers with the best customer service, we believe in treating our customers the way we would want to be treated. If you have not had a chance to stop on by and see us…please do!!!! We are open Tuesday thru Saturday 9 am to 5 pm. We have classes most Mondays and of course we travel to all the Quilt Shows!!! We are located in downtown Denison at 611 W Main Street. We are a 2 story pale yellow brick house. Lots of history to our building!!!!! Stop on by and have some coffee and say HI, we would love to meet you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Growing by Leaps and Bounds…

We are growing by leaps and bounds. We have rearranged our shop to accommodate many new items… We have been in Beautiful downtown Denison for about 8 months and we have seen many changes…. All Good!!


Our Vintage kitchen items are just like Grandma’s. We carry everything from napkins, towels, tablecloths and many more. We have a wide variety of soaps, scrubs, lotions and lip balms as well.



Our leather and up-cycled military tarps and tents are a huge hit. We all have that one person that is hard to buy for and seems to have everything. Whether it a man or woman I am sure we have something to meet every ones needs.

20160625_152531 [14351]

Do you have a quilter in the family or a good friend? What better than making a quilters gift basket as a gift. We have everything a quilter would dream of on our notions wall.



We carry anything and everything Moda, we have Moda Candies, Charm  Packs, Honeybuns, Jellyrolls, Layer Cakes and more…..Come check out the feel and quality of our Moda fabrics…We also have bolts of fabric cottons, flannels, chenille just to name a few.

Karen just came back from Arkansas and has many more items to add to our store.  Stay tuned.


Today is the first of many to come.

I have been inspired by a customer, friend and now co-worker… This lady has been truly a push, shove and motivator of Home a la mode, lately… She has talked me into getting on the stick and updating many things.  It’s like playing Solitar… you are just trying to get to the finish… But the person standing over your shoulder is looking for what you are missing… So… Sue has been looking over my shoulder and pushing me to click on things that I have neglected for a while… like the BLOG for ONE…  So here goes…


We have over 50 different “Say it With WORDS” panels and are making classes and quilting projects using these words to make “A Card In A Quilt”.  Our classes for these quilts usually are on Monday’s when our shop is closed, kinda… 🙂  our shop is open Tuesday – Saturday 10-5… but classes and free sewing time is Monday – Saturday 9-6… We have a 6 hr. class that is from 9-4 that is scheduled on Mondays… So, call us and set up your class… It’s $50 and includes a lunch!  The supplies are extra… depending on your size you wish to complete. We have several ladies that can let you know the value of our classes and all the neat things you learn and take home with you.  Come join us!  We are looking for a year full of new techniques and new friends!


We teach you from beginning to end… How to choose your fabrics, how to cut with the Rotary cutter and supplies, how to build your quilt, layer it with batting, quilt it yourself, and how to bind and finish your project!  No PIGS in our classes… Oh, sorry, that means… Projects in Grocery Sacks…  So, we will take you through completion before, during and after your class… We want you to succeed in a completed project!


After all… these girls have grown up helping Granny out with the Home a la mode business.  We do shows every month, 2-3 times per month… So if we don’t catch you at one of the shows we do… we hope to see you shopping in the store… at a RETREAT… ONLINE.. or wherever our paths cross.  See you soon!  Karen, Brenda, Mistey, Patsy, Betsy, Sue, Marian, Judy, and others… Make it a GREAT day! 



Welcome to our shop in Beautiful Downtown DENISON Texas… Located at 611 W Main Street… find our house amongst the large buildings.   We carry all the Moda fabrics, precuts, frivols, notions, lots of yardage and a whole lot more!  This lady below is Brenda… one of the Home a la mode ladies, here to help you with your fabric and gift needs.  Classes  are ongoing.  Our classes are taught by several… Mistey Jones teaches a 12 week class for making a sampler quilt… Also, a disappearing 9 patch, as well as several other classes.  Elsie Russell is ready to teach us painting classes… Let us know your wants and needs for this class.  Also, Brenda McKinnon is ready to teach us basket weaving.  I, teach several classes for beginners and quilters wanting to know different techniques.  I am the “Word Girl” and the Fusible Queen… We like our flannel class called “Flannel Tonight” and our “1-2-3” class, as well as several other classes.  Stay tuned for our Class and Show event calendar postings.  Working on it. 🙂  Thanks for your patience!  Karen

DSC_0555This is just one of our areas to do a classroom… do you have a teacher or project in mind?  Come visit us soon!  We also have a unique gift shop!  Lots of state towels, tablecloths, vintage kitchen and WORD Pillows as well as our REPURPOSED purses made from tents, tarps, canvas and army surplus… All.. one of a kind!!!  Get yours for Christmas!!!DSC_0566